Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Ashland / Mansfield Foot & Ankle Specialists!


Ashland/Mansfield Foot and Ankle Specialists are excited to introduce the newest doctor joining our practice, Dr. Dina Keeler. Dr. Keeler is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Residency Program. She is also an alumna of Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. She is married to Josh and has a son. She will be seeing patients in the office starting July 29, 2019. Welcome Dr. Keeler!


Since 1974, Ashland / Mansfield Foot & Ankle Specialists has been committed to "treating the whole person" in a local setting that eliminates the need for a drive to a bigger city. With four physicians and a hardworking staff, patients of all ages with any range of conditions come to our office to receive state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostics from our doctors.

Seeing over 12,000 in-office patients and over 3,000 hospital patients per year makes Ashland / Mansfield Foot & Ankle Specialists the leading foot and ankle practice in North Central Ohio. Whether it is as simple as removing an ingrown toenail, surgically repairing a fracture, or needing a complex reconstruction of the foot and ankle, our group of four practitioners have the training and experience to care for most any foot and ankle pathology.

In-office X-rays and other diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and non-invasive vascular studies are available if needed to evaluate an injury. This allows the patient to avoid the ER and any further hospital testing.

New patients are always welcome and often seen between the two offices within 48 hours during business weekdays. If there is a true and immediate injury, patients can often be seen the day of their injury.

We are also unique in that as independent practitioners we are able to be on staff at all three of the area's hospitals: Ohio Health in Mansfield, Avita Hospital in Ontario, and University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center in Ashland.

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